Pprotopo 1.0

Generate topographical contours in this AutoCAD plugin


  • Enables you to contour maps with relative ease


  • Very complicated for those without mapping experience

Not bad

Pprotopo is a plug-in for AutoCAD especially designed to generate topographical maps. With
Pprotopo you can define all the trigonometric parameters necessary to represent the inclinations of a field. Data, such as cross-sections, tables and other topographical remarks can be inserted.

To facilitate the definition of some of these parameters, Pprotopo uses the so-called contour, Ppuntos and transverse lines. In addition, it allows the importing and exporting of surfaces, layered work, inter-sectional models and unite lines amongst others.

Ultimately, Pprotopo is a plugin especially designed for surveyors and engineers performing civil works although amateur topographers may also find some value in it.

This is a complete surveying and civil engineering program, integrated in autocad. It allows you to solve any problem that comes out to any project in
field and in work site.

This is a tool mainly for engineers although it can be learned by anyone interested in topography.



Pprotopo 1.0

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